Top Ten Craft Supplies

photo-1465612245778-6f59c99b5fd9Let’s share our love of all things crafting supplies today!  Since my (adorably) petite apartment doesn’t allow for an entire room dedicated to crafting, I have to pick and choose my favorite materials so they don’t take over.  Even so, it gets a little dicey sometimes.  The kitchen table is covered in DIY business just as often as it’s covered in food.  Here are the supplies that always make the cut.

  1. Mod Podge (I mean, come on.  This stuff is amazing.  Gloss?  Matte?  Don’t even get me started on the Dimensional Magic.  Just yes.)
  2. Yarn (I’m a very slow knitter and crocheter, but that’s not all that yarn is good for.  So many Christmas ornaments started as lowly balls of yarn.)
  3. Felt (Excellent for Halloween costumes, Christmas ornament, and pretty much everything else.)
  4. Circle Cutter (Game. Changer.)
  5. ALL THE PAPER  (Thanks, Joann Fabrics coupons!)
  6. Iron On Stuff (This has been my go-to present material for a while now.  Printed sheets for custom designs or iron on letters for graphic tees.  Solid.)
  7. Hot Glue (Am I the only one that consistently ignores Martha Stewart’s advice to keep a bowl of ice water nearby?)
  8. Jars (This can get into hoarding territory.  But they’re so useful!  All the DIY stuff goes in these bad boys.)
  9. Glitter.  (This is divisive, I know.)
  10. Superglue (I have a love-hate relationship with this guy.  Mostly because I cannot use it without getting on myself.  Seriously, every single time.  It’s a problem.)

So there you have it!  The crafting supplies I can’t live without.  What about you?  Am I missing anything you think would change my craft game?  Share!

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