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Fighting Jet Lag


Oh, jet lag.  That unwanted companion that seems to follow you whenever you go somewhere exciting.  Thankfully, you guys get to benefit from my experience.  Lucky you!  I’ve found a very effective way to tame this beast.  All you have to do is follow the ‘three Cs.’

Caffeine.  Calories.  Carbs.

So simple!

Let’s start with caffeine.  This is a natural impulse when you’re sleepy.  Don’t fight it!  Embrace the jolt!  Pretty much any time you have the option to get coffee or tea, take advantage.

Next up, calories.  Calories are those lovely little guys that give you energy!  Embrace those bad boys!  Your internal clock is already messed up, so mealtimes are irrelevant.  I find that when travelling I have a harder time noticing that I’m hungry.  I only notice once I’ve already turned into a crabby garbage person.  Avoid that fate by feeding yourself!

Lastly, carbs.  I know what you’re thinking.  Carbs and calories aren’t really that different.  AREN’T THEY, THOUGH?  I have found that travelling tends to upset my stomach somewhat (I’m such a delicate flower), and carbs are the soothing tonic that makes everything right, digestively-speaking.  Plus there are so many other countries where they just really understand bread, you know?

So there you have it!  My three step plan for kicking jet lag’s ass.

Extra credit: Never stop moving.  If you don’t stop moving, you don’t notice how tired you are.  Trust me on this.  If you’re sitting down, you better be taking care of one of the three Cs.  Otherwise, you WILL fall asleep on the shoulder of your seatmate on public transportation.

Do you have any magical ways to avoid jet lag?  Please share!

One thought on “Fighting Jet Lag

  1. If you stop moving…you might just end up having a giggle-fit while sitting (laying) on benches in the middle of a museum in Scotland. People will stare.


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