Fun Stuff

Life Hack #1


Who doesn’t love a good life hack?  I’ve got one for you today.  Now, maybe this is something the whole world knew about, and I was just late to the party, but I will confess to feeling like a genius when I figured this out.

If you’re a person with longer hair, you may experience this unpleasant situation where one of those lovely hairs detaches from your head and lodges itself somewhere inside your shirt.  This happens to me almost daily.  (How am I not bald yet?  Perhaps it’s only a matter of time…)  But now, the solution.  LINT ROLLER.  I keep one in my desk so I can sometimes look professional, so I have it anyway.  So now if I can feel a hair that’s snaked down into the back of my sweater – BAM – I hit it with the lint roller.  Problem solved.  No more fishing around trying to reach that invisible strand.  That sticky paper does all the work for you.

Feel free to tell me that you’ve been doing this for years or that I’m destined for male-pattern baldness.  Or just share your favorite life hack.  I’m into them.

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