In the Mood for Feeling Artsy

Sometimes you just want to feel artsy AF. So here’s a day full of indulging in the more creative aspects of life.

First, let’s look the part. (Disclaimer: I’m not saying that artsy people have to look a certain way.) However, it’s possible to apply a creative touch to your killer look.

So maybe we start off with some hair chalking. Get a ballsy bright blue look that washes out when you’re over it.

Now let’s add more color via some sweet mani/pedi action. Here’s a rad nail art tutorial. I’m completely nail art challenged, so this is way more my speed.

Now that you’re feeling your artsy look, it’s time to make some shit. Depending on your level of ambition, this could be the perfect scenario for one of those awesome adult coloring books.  This one is spot on for your art-themed evening.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe you want to take your artistic feelings and COVER AN ENTIRE WALL WITH THEM!

Man, all that creativity can make a gal thirsty.  Refresh yourself with one of these cocktails inspired by artists!

Now kick back and relax with your cocktail and enjoy one of these artsy movies.

How would you do it up artsy-style?


In the Mood for Wallowing


New series time!

Now, you know I love me a good theme party.  (Or if you didn’t, fun fact: I love theme parties.)  But there are only so many occasions over the course of the year for such shenanigans.  I know, it’s real sad.  HOWEVER! We can find ways to slip thematic festivities into any old day we want!  Let’s kick it off with “In the mood for… wallowing.”  Hear me out, it doesn’t sound festive, but sometimes you just need to wallow in all the feelings.  Maybe you’re dealing with a breakup.  (I never liked that asshole.)  Maybe you’re rocking a sweet case of PMS.  (I never liked that uterus.)  Don’t fret.  I got you.

The supplies:

  • Fuzzy Ass Blanket
  • Rom Com: So many good ones out there, but I tend to stick with the classics.  When Harry Met Sally.  You’ve Got Mail.  Or for some international flair, French Kiss.
  • Goodies:  This looks damn tasty.  I don’t think the addition of bourbon would hurt anything, either.  However, depending on how deep you’re wallowing, think carefully about that.  And the fact that this recipe involves fire.  I will not be held responsible for any kitchen fires during wallow time.  Sometimes it’s best to stick with our old pals, Ben and Jerry.
  • Maybe you’re a savory kind of gal or guy.  Boom.  Two tasty treats in one.
  • Face Mask:  In the immortal words of Donna Meagle, treat yo self.  This business is amazing.  I used it once and my dry ass desert face was INTO IT.  If you’re looking for a satisfying tactile experience, you can’t go wrong with a peel off mask.  It’s the classy version of peeling dried glue off your hands.

Are you a wallower?  What are your favorite ways to wallow?